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University of Lausanne (UNIL)

Founded in 1537, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) today has seven faculties and is a sustainable, interdisciplinary campus that celebrated a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017, awarded to Professor Jacques Dubochet.

Focusing on human and social sciences, life sciences (biology and medicine), and environmental sciences, the UNIL awards all academic degrees as well as diplomas associated, for example, with continuing education. At the forefront of technological and pedagogical innovation, the UNIL has strongly developed digital teaching and teaching through digital technology, while at the same time fostering interpersonal contacts – conditions conducive to collective reflection and democratic debate – from the students’ very first moments in their new environment.

In recent years, it has strengthened collaborations and created important interdisciplinary centres on topics such as cancer, sustainability, mountains, sports, life paths and vulnerabilities, and ethics. Lastly, it became the first university in Switzerland to obtain the federal ‘2000-Watt Site under development’ certificate.