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The universities in the canton of Vaud: choosing one; how to distinguish them; will my diploma be recognised?

Everything you need to know to make a better choice

Would you like to pursue university studies? Would you like to find out more about the universities in the canton of Vaud or better understand the Swiss university system? You’ve come to the right place!

SwisstudyCheck explains the difference between a public and a private university, how the Swiss university recognition system works, and introduces you to the universities in the canton of Vaud.

A clear and informed choice in just a few clicks!

Accredited universities

Did you know that in Switzerland, an institutional accreditation procedure allows public universities and their degrees to be recognised at national level?
There are three types of universities in Switzerland: traditional universities (hautes écoles universitaires, HEU), specialised universities of applied sciences (UAS; hautes écoles spécialisées, HES) and universities of teacher education (UTE; hautes écoles pédagogiques, HEP).
There are also other types of tertiary institutions.In the canton of Vaud, there are fifteen higher education institutions.

Non-accredited universities

It’s a fact: there are many private institutions in Switzerland – particularly in the canton of Vaud.
While most of them are recognised by various renowned international accreditation agencies, these institutions are not accredited in Switzerland.

For whom?

SwisstudyCheck’s main aim is to support people wishing to study in the canton of Vaud by providing them with all the information and links they need that are useful to their completing the process. It does not manage any registration or admissions procedures with higher education institutions. It does not act as an intermediary between candidates and educational institutions, the latter of which are independent in their management and educational activities.

Other key players will also find useful information here, such as a university admissions departments, recruitment agencies, or any other employers seeking to find out about tertiary-level education.

A list of frequently asked questions guides students through their studies in Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud, as well as abroad.