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SwisstudyCheck, a winning project of the national civicChallenge 2020 competition

A project anticipated, supported, and realised by and for the community!

Named winner of the Swiss national competition, civicChallenge 2020, which rewards public innovation projects, the SwisstudyCheck project was conceived and implemented by two employees of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES) of the canton of Vaud, Ms Laetitia Desfontaine and Ms Amanda Blanco.

This project aims to support future students and other interested parties in their choice of higher education by providing them with the most comprehensive and regularly-updated information possible.

Thanks to the prize allocated to the winners, the project was able to be developed over the course of 2021. an external mandate was given to the company, Liip, to create the website,

Thanks to SwisstudyCheck, the administrations of the Vaud government, together with secondary and tertiary education, will be able to benefit from an official online information medium and strengthen their mission of supporting candidates in their higher education.

A replicable project

In the long term, the SwisstudyCheck project could be extended to other cantons, key players in promoting, raising awareness in, and supervising universities.

The project aims to encourage the exchange of best practices between public authorities involved in higher education to ensure transparency and compliance.

A project supported by the DGES

The Directorate General of Higher Education of the canton of Vaud (DGES) is responsible for the canton of Vaud’s policy and strategy in the field of education, research and innovation for the higher education sector. It develops and ensures the framework conditions for the optimal development of universities.

SwisstudyCheck is part of the Directorate’s objectives insofar as it monitors Vaud universities and supports the positioning and development of the universities. It is in this context that the DGES conducts continuous monitoring of non-accredited private universities located in the canton.


The issue with private institutions