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CHANGINS (Haute école de viticulture et œnologie de Changins)

All vine and wine professions under one roof: CHANGINS is the only training centre of its kind in Switzerland and is the national centre of competence for higher education in the vine, wine, and arboriculture sectors. It is made up of three schools: the School for Higher Education (ES), the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) degree programme in Oenology, and the School of Wine.

The School for Higher Education (ES) leads to an ES Diploma as Wine Technician. Hailed by the profession as a response to wine-industry needs combining theory and practice. The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) degree programme in Oenology leads to an HES-SO Bachelor of Science in Oenology and the title of Oenologist. Graduates of this programme are distinguished by their high level of technical, theoretical, and practical skills in viticulture, oenology, and business management. Oenologists are able to adapt their knowledge to different climatic and economic conditions.

It is possible to follow an HES-SO Master of Science in Life Sciences with a focus on viticulture and oenology. Graduates of this internationally-recognised Master’s degree are destined for jobs with a high level of responsibility, particularly in the management of complex projects, winery design, the restructuring of wine companies, and risk management.