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Haute école de musique Vaud Valais Fribourg (HEMU)

The HEMU – Haute école de musique in Lausanne is multidisciplinary and multi-style, covering all education profiles in classical music, jazz, and contemporary music. Located in the heart of Europe and French-speaking Switzerland, it offers a university-level education. The HEMU is an educational institution known for its elite, rigorous, and comprehensive education, as well as for its close ties with professional circles and its commitment to musical life. Valorising theory as much as practice, its Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes are designed to give students immediate access to the professional world. Its teaching staff, consisting of numerous internationally-renowned artists, guarantees its students a high level of supervision.

Classical music has been taught at the Lausanne Conservatory (Conservatoire de Lausanne) for over 150 years (prior to the Bologna Process). Alongside it, the jazz and contemporary music departments, offered exclusively in French-speaking Switzerland, were created in 2006 and 2016 respectively. Whether in the fields of performance, music education, or composition, its courses carefully combine tradition, creation, as well as research and development, always with a view to achieving, and helping to achieve, excellence. The HEMU offers numerous workshops, ensemble activities, courses, and concerts.